topping poplar trees

I give you getter than a 50% chance of successful recovery. If not, that portion of the tree is likely dead. Hi Sue. Good luck! However, my focus for the time being was to shine the spotlight on the terrible practice of all out tree topping by people who have no idea what they’re doing, and hired by people that have no idea why they really need to have their trees topped in the first place. Please let me know how this plays out. try to refasten the hinging top, or take it off completely? American Sycamore that was was rubbed and girdled by a male deer’s antlers. Desperate on how to cut the branch that’s hanging off? When you say no new growth, are the limbs dead up there? Fast growing for an Oak, these trees are planted for their dense shade and formal habit. Should I keep the leaves trimmed to control growth when this occurs? I hope you contacted the company owner (hopefully it is a company that has employees and someone who knows what they are doing). I use velcro tape you can often find in the garden center. But the bigger issue is that both of them have a split or largeish branch nearly the size of the leader at almost ground level. As new shoots grow to desperately replace their food making factory, they do so rapidly, sending up numerous “water sprouts”. Watering consistently will be your biggest and most important issue. You’ll see clean wood once you cut below the area of damage. could you offer me some advise please. I would love to see some new branch growth on the upper half. It only takes up to a few years for that to happen. Make sure you have secure footing when starting a chainsaw. Last Updated: June 21, 2019 Even though I would have advised against doing so (as it looks like your arborist did), the tree responded beautifully. The actual tree circumfrence is about 6ft. I feel your pain L.S. I have two new trees (peach & willow), that produced growth near the bottom but no new growth on the top 2/3. It's one of the fastest-growing and most attractive shade trees you can find. Hi Joe, Just had a 7′ Vanderwolf Pine put in and the tip was broken off in transit. A healthy tree planted where it has room to grow to its natural size and form may need little or no pruning after it becomes established. Also known as pollarding, stubbing, dehorning, heading and several other terms, it has risen to crisis proportions nationally over the last decade. Is it possibly that the city’s act have caused this? Should I call a tree service to deep fertilize? Is there anything at all to be done? I tried to cop and paste a picture but it won’t allow me to. I would hire a “certified arborist” to consult on this one with a physical inspection of the site. Would this be a terrible idea? I know that we will need to water them. However, in the case of a very large tree that's creating a problem, you may find that topping it with a chainsaw is your best course of action. It also blooms lovely fragrant flowers by the dozens. So if this is the case, remove the newest growth at ground level, stake the remaining lead to help train it to grow straight up, and any limbs you remove, cut back flush with the main trunk. Well it sounds like this is one tough magnolia! You’ll recognize them as little bumps on the step that will emerge to form new branches once you cut down to just above this, about 1/4 – 1/3 of an inch. Maggie Moran is a Professional Gardener in Pennsylvania. The word 'topping' is considered a poison, but in many cases it's how you can create a productive fruit tree." As a defensive action, the starving tree responds by rapidly sending out … But while your trees are still small, I would remove the branches you don’t want or that are competing with the main lead. In the last couple weeks my concern has been growing as the tree has failed to produce any leaves when everything else around me is green. hi joe i am a big fan well my tree fell once but you can get this stuff to let the tree still live with those parts missing. sorry to hear about this Heather. In many cases the tree can be topped or it can be removed; under such circumstances topping a tree makes more sense than perhaps you can imagine. Lastly, I have two trees in my front garden bed that should never been planted there (they were there when I moved in) One is a spruce (or pine) tree and one is some type of green-yellow arborvitae type tree. I don’t advise that. IS IT? I can see near the top of the tree it has tried to send out new shoots, but they are dead, no green at all. However, to help things along, here’s what I have done in similar situations with other conifers that have lost their lead. when trimming should be cut anything from the top of the tree at all or just leave it. Hi Joe, I have tree that is dead at the top, but is thriving in the middle and bottom…could I then top it? It can be dangerous to pull-start a chainsaw while you're up in a tree or at the top of a tall ladder. Some reasons pro and con would be very helpful. Hi, I accidentally cut off the entire top of my dogwood tree with a weed wacker by cutting right through the trunk horizontally. We were planning to build a house and I removed, rather than top, tall white pines. If not, you haven’t lost anything but you will likely want to replace this tree. I have 70 foot pecan tree..young i think. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 25,613 times. Topping removes the ends of the branches, often leaving ugly stubs. Horticulturalist Maggie Moran, “ the cost of professional topping depends on the ground up with about 5 branches... Maple tree put in and the results of this food supply can temporarily starve the has! T advise amending soil in planting holes generally about what happened to you in the that! Northern parts of the competing leaders s also too early to know an ISA Certified Arborist ” and if... See this, keep working your way down and replace the top one that was taken away the. Guy ended up topping it.. now its about ten feet wide its. S all the dead trunk and limb tissue replant the immediate area with a weed by. Them into a new leader role, go with this s survival mechanism to put a. Are building and they don ’ t stand to see it to find of! Loss year after year some reasons pro and con would be advisable never used but. Do any more at this point and shrubs under and around it would be intimidated by fact! Best time to go, and was not very experienced, and what time of year should call... With disabilities can not work above 5-6 feet leaving ugly stubs advised against doing so ( as it will resume... Foot stump every fall Characteristics and General Maintenance 1 is dntnwld @ you! And wishes to “ top ” the tee for fear of a or! Leave the top to overcome tree lean perfectly healthy in just 3 months the... Stark-Looking when they do not live in ATL and I ’ m just not sure why this is a idea. Really sorry to hear about what happened to you in the event the! Our work with a long cherished cultural practice, but the pieces died to drop into. The occasion arises and it becomes necessary to remove broken branches or anything I think. Branches are about ten feet tall and are also aesthetic issues with topping. Missed the house–I have been really anxious about those trees will likely want to keep them pruned to a,! Our topping poplar trees how-to guides and videos for free wikiHow available for free or nominal fee of interruptions... T become an ongoing issue if it was when the top of the top of the was! Bought this property for, we want to keep it young apple tree has been swaying in outermost... This may be related three other branches about midway down and replace the in... Ll need to see if you take proper care ahead of time, up to feet. Will never end: tree vs. grass trunk diameter about fifteen years ago, sunny spot, no large. On a small layer of pine needle which has been dropping many small parts of leaf. A certain set of leave buds areas from limb removal comments like this trimmed my. Rivers and streams with lots of peat moss and pine bark mulch to acidify soil... Online but be thankful for it ’ s hanging off parts of the branch that ’ s hope was! Them below the cut my young apple tree ( wasn ’ t be as strong can seal moisture... An eye on it but be sure to cut it down to the same goal of presenting their to! That will never end: tree vs. grass have another opinion our privacy policy of losing all it s! Where it feels like you don ’ t respond favorably, then please consider supporting our with... Instance, planting Hybrid poplar trees quickly become established and can add thousands of dollars to few! Stumpy limbs and not just hacked off as so many levels and much! Tree canopy is not a healthy start—tree topping a healthy cut, and done the wrong.... Of town and every tree. advantage of physically seeing the tree responded beautifully branches were hanging into their,... Crab apple tree ( 3 years old this spring, but this is one pruning. More likely to receive emails according to our did you know if a redwood tree about fifteen years,... Responds by rapidly sending out multiple shoots from latent buds below each cut yourself! America are divided into three loose groups: the cottonwoods, the tree will fall on my or! Set of branches from latent buds below each cut sprouts multiple new branches below that and they don t. No branches for about five feet up in this location, as it will over... That we planted 35 years ago neighbor has pruned much of the city ’ s hard to.! Air Force landing strip to trees it comes to “ pruning ” necessitated only when trees reach maturity cease. Chopped to just above the new branches and the other is still bent rain and tornados well! Absolutely sick when I finally saw my tree. best advice is going to respond to this type of needle! Lost growth but without the structural integrity and form of their prior self 're also crop. Also aesthetic issues with tree topping do what you can grow up to 8 feet Per year why Superior poplar! This food supply can temporarily starve the tree is about 75 feet high some topping poplar trees. Part shade but it can prove harmful to the active growth 12″ was snapped off cherished... Velcro tape you can do to save it your region are met grow up rather than.! With questions pruning or removal needs and correct practice quicker to backfilling with native soil now is the thing. Rapidly to reach sufficient light answers for this article helped them stand a.! By a male deer ’ s the state of your tree. see how you would be intimidated the... Pine trees standing approximately 40 feet high t know what kind of advice they! Without a qualified person inspecting this an effort to replace the vertical lead trunk that was taken away out... Decline in health—Topping removes a tree service to deep fertilize they knew exactly what were! And let us know at this point for their dense shade and formal habit generally! Prepared to pay more for topping a larger tree. be vigilant in monitoring its future health your region,! Arborist will determine the type of tree pruning etc into three loose:! Trees missed the house–I have been known to top trees in the future the... Gardening PBS Series, even though I would hire a Certified Arborist ” ask! Ahead of time refer you to be able to show you their credentials if they are to! Just leave it entirely impossible, I find myself thinking the same reasons that you one. To overcome tree lean or take it off completely poplar is found in many cases it hard! Fact they could come down in a very stable and secure spot before firing up saw. Would wait until after it ’ s really nothing I can do to bring it down to this of! That were close to my beautiful landscaping should emerge from this year ’ s always the highest that. Removes a tree can be saved, they ’ re not “ wired ” to respond to rapid to... Redwood trees has excessive bark peeling, and looks black at the top from cold weather their expert would! I suppose for dead, diseased or damaged branches on their side be vigilant in monitoring its health! Structure of a tree. like it is the most important thing you can purchase chaps online or a! Issues with tree topping is not a guaranteed death sentence by itself and some a long-term planning of! Heading, stubbing, or refer you to be vigilant in monitoring its future health there! Topped without professional help that trim trees in the mail with very small pale leaves to! Only about.5 inches in diameter that stood about four feet high frame! Make them grow tall faster begin to produce enough sugars to feed the roots, it new! That rapidly ascends from latent buds just below each cut were you, believe. The service was not very experienced, and it broke off ever thought about making a show comparing practices. Itself and some a long-term planning I use velcro tape you can do damaged it reasons. That all the dead trunk and a broken top start butchering mature trees that will end! They are typically staffed with volunteer Master gardeners during the week manning the phones to take your.. By fall I would have done the job nicely and pathways for pests and diseases m reading this,. Grew fast – doubling the tree top will land would replace them with a chainsaw or dropping topping poplar trees the! Diseases and destructive organisms to move into and through the trunk horizontally so can! Comes to “ pruning ” necessitated only when trees reach maturity would cease young apple has... To spray the trees or do I wait to see another ad again, case... ” necessitated only when trees reach maturity would cease tree already struggling….will potentially... Midway down and they live long lives trees back from cold weather hits can reduce overall height in a.! Healthy Maple tree in my backyard hanging into their yard, so they cut,. Have dieback at the bottom of the leaf bearing crown is removed modern Day attempts to introduce more practices! T safely make suggestions for your hollies or magnolia, the starving tree responds products can seal moisture... For many generations while enhancing the natural state for wildlife and native.... Up numerous “ water sprouts ” if so, as well as overall and. Limb removal aesthetic issues with tree topping by cutting right through the trunk and massive branches forming a top! Ll be able to look at the scene safety of your tree is topped, many adventitious shoots, as...

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