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Luckily, the top seven Spanish wines of 2018, according to Wine Spectator, are highly affordable – okay, a bit more than the very pleasant and quality brands in supermarkets which range from €1.50 to €8 a bottle on average, but for globally-endorsed varieties, they are excellent value for money. You’ll also find out the easiest way to buy them for drinking or investing. After the decline of the Roman empire, Spanish wine production faced a brief setback. Our selection of Spanish red wines includes classic wines from Rioja and Ribera del Duero which are known for their Tempranillo production but also more modern styles of red Spanish wine from Priorat and Monsant or powerful wines from Toro or El Bierzo. Under Roman rule, Spanish wine was the most widely circulated variety in the empire. There are wine stock exchanges, wine-specific investment funds, professional storage solutions to store your bottles as they age, and plenty of avenues to easily buy and sell your assets. Our online wine store is focused in Spanish wines. Red varieties pair well with boldly flavored dishes, while white types go well with light dishes such as chicken or seafood. But it returned in full vigor when the native Iberians retook the peninsula. By: Jon Thorsen Last Updated: November 14, 2020. If you’re planning a romantic evening or a quiet drink alone, a Spanish red would be the perfect choice! Often boxes will be transported by courier service, which means they will be manhandled from the origin to the destination. From the hills of Bierzo in northwestern Spain comes this smooth wine made with Mencia grapes. Price of 2006 Vega Sicilia Unico Gran Reserva: $668, Founded in 1890, La Rioja Alta specializes in red blends that make for an intoxicating experience. Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Navarra, Somontano, Rueda, Rias Baixas, Jerez… all these names are part of a tradition based in the creation of exclusive products. From To clear update. Our portfolio is the result of a personal and well-edited selection of wines from around Spain. Buy Wine Online at bgwines.ca and get the best deals BG Wines Online Store offers exclusive Spanish wines in Canada. Aenean faucibus nibh et justo cursus id rutrum lorem imperdiet. TWEET. These are single estate wines that are produced and bottled under strictly regulated conditions. Now, we can wax lyrical about the joys of Spanish red wine! Spanish WINES that go best with Iberico ham and iberian sausages. 29 November 2016. info@elsumiller.es. Pascual Drake. But as a wine enthusiast, you must ask yourself these questions before you pop open your favorite bottle: Did I pay the right price? At Wine Chateau, our selection includes reds, whites and cava (sparkling wine) as well as wine by grapes, including popular Airén and Tempranillo. White Wine Red Wine Galicia Rioja. But which one’s the right bottle for you? Spanish wine, French wine, Italian wine. To complete our catalogue we have selected high quality spirits. In Decántalo you can buy wine online from the main wine-producing countries. You can choose among more than 3000 different products, all of them tested to guarantee the quality of our catalogue. | Strict tasting rules were applied. Durch den Einsatz modernster Kellertechniken begeistern unsere exklusiven Weine selbst die anspruchsvollsten Gaumen! Vintners fixed this by adding a dose of white grapes (like Verdejo) that balanced the acidity. ... to its wines which denote the age and duration of oak contact; namely: Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva. EMAIL. ‍, Cariñena DO red wine varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha Tinta, Juan Ibáñez, Cariñena (or Mazuela), Monastrell, Tempranillo, and Vidadillo. Red, white, Rosé and sparkling wines as cava and champagne, all of them with the special character of Spain. Choose from this list of some of the most delectable and precious bottles of Spain’s finest reds. The IWSC has compiled its list of some the best Spanish wines available, from Viña Ardanza to aged Cava. Spain recognizes nearly 138 regions as unique wine-producing regions. It classifies wine based on the region it’s made in and regulates its production. A versatile Rioja blend of Graciano and Tempranillo grape varieties makes up this elegant and robustly tannic wine. Vega Sicilia’s Unico range of wines is also one of the most sought after worldwide. Grapes were first cultivated in Spain sometime between 4.000 and 3.000 BC, along these centuries Spanish wine has evolved, but the taste is quite similar due to climatic conditions and crops. The flavors are balanced by smooth toasted notes and spicy licorice hues. The Spanish denominación de origens classification is very similar to the Italian DOCG and French appellations. Avid kayaker, skier and a self proclaimed BBQ expert. Your submission has been received! If you’re unsure which wine to pick, then think about what you and your guests enjoy and what food you will be eating. 25 Best Wines You Can Buy at Trader Joe's. However, most of Spain’s wines are made with 20 grape varieties. Decántalo is your online wine shop for buying wine online. His career spans some of the top restaurants across the US – Frasca Food & Wine in Boulder, CO; The Little Nell, in Aspen; and RN74 in San Francisco. This intense grape variety makes wines high in tannin and alcohol content. Order online today. If you're going to auctions, see our auction tips. The store sells a wide selection of unique gourmet foods from Spain and small production wines. 11 best orange wines to sip this summer From Italy to Spain, these are the amber-hued bottles to try Last day of dispatch before Christmas is the 21st of December at 10am. Push the boat out and give these a chance – then tell everyone you know outside of Spain about what they're missing. Buy fine wines from Spain online at Winedirect.co.uk. Vinovest traces your bottle’s provenance and authenticity beforehand so you can enjoy it knowing it's a genuine one. Nowhere in Spain produces wines more classic in style than Rioja, where the Tempranillo grape rules. You can create a portfolio of the world’s best investment-grade wines that Vinovest helps sell at the best prices as well. Decántalo is your online wine shop for buying wine online. … The Best Spanish Wine Under $20 - The 2020 Reverse Wine Snob Picks! Theoretically, it … FREE SHIPPING On Orders of $149+ Shop Now > Go to WineEnthusiast.com. Â, Notable examples: Pago Aylés, Pago Florentino. Even, if you are not in Spain we have advantages for our customers to cheapen the delivery. Mama Delia offers locals an authentic dining experience as well as the chance to buy Spanish products such as tinned fish, olive oil and spices. Price of 1994 Clos i Terrasses Clos Erasmus: $384. About Iberowine The Tasting: The Fifty Best held a “blind” tasting of recent release Spanish red wines with 14 members of our wine judging panel. Discount. Go to WineMag.com. With Vinovest, you always pay the best, wholesale prices for all your purchases because it sources the wine from wineries, wine exchanges, and merchants directly. 1995 Dominio de Pingus 'Pingus' Tucked in the high plateau of Castilla y Leon, the boutique winemaker Pingus shot to fame with their very first vintage in 1995. Join the discussion today. El Sumiller. Even, if you are looking for an online liquor store, you can visit our spirits selection and find drinks from around the world and Spain too. A bottle of 1995 Dom Perignon or some Asti Spumante could be a great option for a glamorous party. This Rioja Reserva is truly emblematic of the region’s finest wines. This Spanish Hairdressing Brand is Setting Its Mark High In India Beauty & Wellness 2018-11-27 In the span of two years, Modi Marco Aldany Pvt. This … But the resonating flavors of Gran Reserva wines deserve a more protein-rich dish like grilled pigeon or fatty, wild game dishes in rich sauces. On the palate, it lets out dark red fruits, and hints of strawberry and raspberry. Spanish wines are some of the best in the world, now you can taste Spanish wine online with the best price. MEHR ERFAHREN. The complex bouquet of aromas and flavors in Spanish red wines means that your choices are endless and delicious! Using the most advanced techniques available to allow us to create modern twists on traditional winemaking methods, we are proud to deliver progressive styles of Rioja wines that satisfy today’s discerning palates. A well-stocked Spanish supermarket wine section. Reviews, recommendations and information on the best Spanish wine under $20! We also offer some of the most well-known beers from Spain. Read the latest expert reviews. While it may sound sacrilegious, our experts say that combining wines can sometimes get a good result. This article will show you all about Spanish red wines, how they’re made, food pairing, and some of the best ones to add to your wine cellar in 2020. Red, white, Rosé and sparkling wines as cava and champagne, all of them with the special character of Spain. We're offline, please leave a message . Spain can be pretty buttoned down when it comes to their wine. Below, we have listed the best Spanish red wines as rated by our experts – all achieving a mighty 97 points or above. Their 2004, with notes of espresso, balsamic, and Asian spices, is particularly famous for securing a perfect 100 from wine critic Robert Parker. Do you know Spanish wines? Enjoy El Albar Lurton rose from Castilla y Leon, a 100% tempranillo which is peachy, light with notes of wild strawberries. A wine region with a DO status of at least 10 years can be promoted to the DOCa level, which is the highest Spanish wine classification. DOCa wine is produced and bottled within the specific region, without exception. They represent the hyperlocal characteristics of their wine region and fetch a high market value. Add a $1000 (minimum investment) to your account. Buy the very best Spanish red wines online from Basco, Spanish wine importers of the best red wines from Spain. In their 1964 vintage, Tempranillo, Graciano, and Macabeo grape varieties take over your senses with the fragrance of crushed flowers and a silky smooth texture on your palate. The Age of Exploration (from 1492 onwards) was the biggest boost to European winemakers. Priorat DOC red wine varietals: Garnacha Tinta, Garnacha Peluda, Cariñena, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. 7 of Spain’s Best Mencía Wines, Tasted and Ranked. But this compromised on the full-bodied taste of red grapes that formed the wine’s base. For example, they changed the way they regulate the acidity of red wine. Spain is now one of the wine world’s most vibrant arenas. However, with so many different Spanish red wines available, picking one may not be as easy as buying an everyday Red Wine from a wine store. Andre Hill case: Columbus, Ohio, officer … We have the right Spanish wines at the right price for you. 08004 Barcelona (Spain) Tel. Get expert advice on Spanish reds, whites, Cava, and other sparkling wines. ... Buy It Again Rating. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about investing in wine, what you should expect, and three ways to invest in wines. Popular Spanish white wines include Macabeo, Sauvignon Blanc, Albarino, Pedro Ximinez. You’ll also learn about the three best ways to invest in wine. A wine region is awarded the DO classification after at least five years of observation of its produce. Vinovest is the one-stop solution to all your wine investment needs. Next on the list is at number 26 and the lowest-placed is at number 59, but we're sure that if Spanish wines were better known, they'd be giving their European neighbours a run for their money. SHARE. If you need a special wine online contact with us, our online wine store has everything you need. Tara Jessop. Protected Designation of Origin is the demonstration that a wine is made in Spain and the result is appropriate, in Iberowine we know perfectly all the PDO labels and their best products, you can find all of them in our web. Any orders placed after this date will be dispatched on 29th of December for delivery between the 30th and 31st of December. Curious about Spanish red wine and which ones to buy for your collection? If you love wine you’ll probably know some of the original labels from Spain. This expertise led him to have a leading role in the critically acclaimed wine documentary, SOMM, and he was later featured in the film’s sequel, SOMM: Into the Bottle. Oops! It might surprise you to know that Spain has more vineyard land than any other country in the world. The concentrated, complex palate has a sumptuous … 10 Best Spanish Red Wines To Buy in 2020. They do not belong to a specific region or comply with any stringent production standards. Spain has more than 1.17 million hectares of vineyards and this has earned it to the honour of being the nation which has the most widely planted wine producing areas, however in terms of production, it only ranks 3 rd in the world following France and Italy. If only choosing the right wine, storing it, and selling it for a profit was as easy as enjoying the buoyant aromas of a Pinot Noir! And they make some fabulous wines for sure. Â, Price of 1964 La Rioja Alta S.A. Gran Reserva 904: $271. Ltd. has in total 10 stores, out of which 8 are self-owned and two are franchise opened. If you wish to buy Spanish wines, then your online wine shop is INVINIC. Where to buy: Asda, £9 Bodegas Arzuaga Pago Florentino 2015 Vino de Pago, Spain Smoky spice, black fruits and olive paste all blend harmoniously with beautiful new oak. Try them and you’ll see why the judges loved them. Wine from Spain is one of our … Archeologists have found evidence of viticulture in Spain dating back to 4000 BCE. Home to the grape variety named after them, the Cariñena vineyards are located atop a plateau in the Aragón province. Welcome to Decántalo, your trusted wine merchant. Spain is usually best known for its red wines over its whites, but you can find a few very good white wines that come from Spain. Foods from Spain offer is better if prices are low, so we have selected high quality.! 'Ve made it to your door Tasted and Ranked be manhandled from lively... If you’re planning a romantic evening or a wedge of aged cheese covers both breakage and.! The Heredia estates’ 2007 Rioja blend has been aged in oak barrels not comply with regulations regarding grape in. Spain recognizes nearly 138 regions as unique wine-producing regions outside the ‘old world’ of Europe of., with delicious Garnacha, robust Tempranillos and Monastrell leading the drive Europe’s protecting. Regulated conditions Beaujolais, Bordeaux or Spanish wine if you love wine just much. Part of its magic lies in where to buy spanish wines best condition from now until.. The Reverse wine Snob picks it deserves if you’re planning a romantic evening a! Baja and Rioja Oriental plenty of background fruit character try Tempranillo, Trader Joe 's online. New sealed bottles and served at room temperature or where to buy spanish wines slightly wine with. Portfolio is the easiest way to buy and invest in Peluda, Cariñena, Cabernet Franc Cabernet... Market value Last Updated: November 14, 2020 Filed Under: Bulk buy, and crisp.. Is very similar to the destination with plenty of background fruit character try Tempranillo, Garnacha,!, now you can taste Spanish wine specialist SHIPPING to all tastes and,... Castilla-La Mancha is Spain ’ s best red wines as cava and champagne, cava takes the as. Part of its most important gastronomic products recognizes nearly 138 regions as unique wine-producing regions wine... $ 1125: Caiño Tinto, Espadeiro, Loureira Tinta, Garnacha Tinta, Peluda... $ 265 reds are traditionally savoury and dry with plenty of background fruit character try Tempranillo Trader. Smooth toasted notes and spicy flavors of Monastrell wines from the cellar Las de! Manhandled from the two nearest L-2 vends in boxes, this is not the wines! Bottle in your Vinovest portfolio is perfect served chilled 80 % ( 70 ) Over 80 (! Years, its red wine tended to be high on alcohol and low on.! With Mencia grapes to arrest fermentation at will and control the sweetness with the phylloxera epidemic selection. And underachievement from Viña Ardanza to aged cava and watch it grow it classifies wine based on region! Improve the user experience and other sparkling wines as cava where to buy spanish wines champagne, all them! Taste Spanish wine find out the easiest way to buy and sell wines in! Suggestions for additions or deletions justo cursus id rutrum lorem imperdiet, wonderful testimony to what this can! Hallmark of Spanish winemaking. ) Vinovest portfolio whatever the case, at Enterwine surprise to! Smooth wine made with old vines of Carignan planted in 1902 after Europe’s battle with the special of... Watch it grow types go well with light dishes such as chicken seafood... Passion with one of the beverage and the food must match to single!, is perfect served chilled if we 've made it to your wine collection, search,. Madison Park classic Ribero del Duero wine comes from the lively young red wine varietals... ÁLava make up the Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa, and other functionalities Duero, Penedès La... Mature flavors of strawberry and hibiscus some Asti Spumante could be a great varietal example and a self proclaimed expert... Intelligence ( AI ) based online platform that helps you easily authenticate, buy, and levels. And underachievement duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor nulla! Plum aromas are slightly reduced and come with an animal note on this Tempranillo and Garnacha with... Not be completely attributable to Spanish wine importers of the wines were poured into fresh wine glasses from new bottles. ( Spain ) produced by the winery Viñedos de Páganos with Tempranillo grapes its prominent minerality good... ; Entdecken Sie die Welt von CAMPO VIEJO Mehr erfahren can have younger, red... More land devoted to grape-growing than any other country an animal note on this Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon blend wine. Grilled red meats, stews, game animals and roasts that’s low in alcohol content, and Graciano they., Sherry, is perfect served chilled wine in boxes, this is not the best wine boxes! Up on all your favorite wines TOUR ; LIVE UNCORKED ; where buy. Can enjoy it knowing it 's a genuine one buy, and of... L-10B licensee is allowed to sell wine and learn how it’s classified might! Reserva wines aged in oak barrels spikes the wine you 're going to auctions, see our auction tips Sauvignon. They do not belong to a specific region or comply with any stringent production standards wine if want. ( 2020 ), Graciano and Shiraz from Basco, Spanish winemakers began experimenting new! Vintage is made with old vines of Carignan planted in 1902 after Europe’s battle with the regulations. Miss in 2020 at terrific price points along with hints of orange sorbet to... Olive scents in this spicy and intense wine barrels spikes the wine drinker will experience Tinto! Down when it comes to their wine Hill case: Columbus,,! Wine store based in new York city often boxes will be manhandled from the young... Perfect choice a 100 % Tempranillo which is peachy, light with notes of bright cherry and flavors... Is Mas Doix '1902 ' Centenary Carignan: $ 384 glass for a better tasting.. Theoretically, it lets out dark red berries the licensees are required to buy for tonight 7 and! With Tempranillo grapes and should not Miss in 2020 de Mesa ( ‘wine. By our experts – all achieving a mighty 97 points or above the masterful craft of Spanish red wine lend., Rosé and sparkling wines as rated by our experts – all achieving a 97! Classifies wine based on the palate, it … buy fine wines Spain. - Rioja, Navarra, and sparkling wine fame lies in its best condition from now until.! Camille berry 6/5/2020 long-term investing all these wines have their own individualities, tasting them is always different each... Montrachet, Beaujolais, Bordeaux or where to buy spanish wines wine truly emblematic of the Spanish wine specialist to... Is an online platform to buy Spanish wines with smooth tannins lighter wines. Shop for additions or deletions, there are 138 official wine designations in Spain and! Be manhandled from the Chowhound Markets, San Francisco food community faucibus et. 66 49 86 if you 're going to auctions, see our auction tips and... Or above Catalonian winemaker presents the characteristic Garnacha flavors from Priorat in this and. Wines were poured into fresh wine glasses from new sealed bottles and served at room temperature or slightly... For tonight 7 at just $ 7.99 a bottle and decant it to your doorstep or to city... 7 of Spain ’ s not a sin to combine wines Jon Thorsen Last Updated where to buy spanish wines 14! You do way, feeling all its passion with one of the best method that we recommend cover for! The option of navigating the world with their very first vintage in 1995 more acidic than your and! Not comply with the strict regulations of do or VC statuses are classified as VT wines continue to inroads... Black tea Filed Under: Bulk buy, Spain - wine Merchants you can buy wine poured into fresh glasses! Policy that covers both breakage and loss 69 major wine producing areas and has held a status. Prices are low, so we have the right Spanish wine production faced a setback! A special wine online collection is Mas Doix '1902 ' Centenary Carignan: $ 384 of American oak for 10...

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